Mane & Strong Growth Mix: You can drink your way to healthier, longer, stronger hair. As an added bonus, you will also experience more radiant skin! Weather you are press for time, want to add your daily supplemts, or enjoy a healty resheshing glass or lemonade you now can! Just MIX SIP AND GROW  your way to healthy hair...


Mane & Strong Growth Oil: This oil helps, stops dandruff and smoothes. Its special blend of powerful botanical oils, and pure herbs nourishes the scalp and hair follicles while at the same time strengthens and repairs hair that is damaged or abused. This oil is extra light, and is safe for use on all types of hair including color treated and relaxed.


Growth Serum: Aims to stimulate the hair and scalp for healthy-looking hair that is protected from external damage, without causing harm to problem areas of the scalp that need the most nourishment like the crown, edges and nape of the neck where dryness and breakage are most frequent. It can be used as a preventative measure or to combat existing breakage and hair loss.


Revitalizing Growth Mist: Mist scalp to stimulate growth and hair to revive hair between cleansings. This light-weight formulation is also a great leave-in conditioner. Just a few mists rehydrates dry hair, helping keep it soft and healthyAlso make sure to spray the ends of your hair

Mega Growth Package

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